HW FYI: 3 ways to stay focused

It’s the night before a HUGE homework assignment is due...and you’re freaking out! After getting home, grabbing a snack and going for a run—and then helping your mom clear the table after dinner—you just have NO time to finish all of your work before that bell rings tomorrow a.m. Eek! Feeling the homework crunch right now? We’re here to help, stat. 

Don’t freak!

First step: Take a deep, long breath, breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.
Second step: If you’re sitting on a couch, move your computer to a desk where you can sit up straight on a chair.
Third step: Keep on reading this article for three awesome (and easy!) ways to form focus-friendly homework habits.

Feeling better already? We thought you would!

Focus Tip #1: Set a Homework Alarm…to Start AND Finish!

If it weren’t for your morning alarm, you probably wouldn’t get up on time for school, right? Well, if it weren’t for your homework alarm, you probably wouldn’t do your homework, either!
Set an alarm for a daily “homework time.” When you hear that buzzer beep, you’ll be inspired to stop whatever you’re doing and hop to it. Plus, if you’re in the middle of something —like talking to your BFF on the phone —you can use the alarm as an excuse to cut the chat or activity short.
Setting sound reminders are a good way to end your sessions, too! You’ll actually be more productive if you give yourself breaks. Have a really big project to work on? Set your alarm to take a 10 minute breather every 45 to 60 minutes. Grab a glass of water, go talk to a sibling or take a quick walk outside. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the project again, especially if you know that another break is just around the bend.

Focus Tip #2: Keep “Distractions” in a Separate Room
Cell phones, radios, TV and even the latest issue of Girls’ Life can be huge distractions that keep ya from your HW. Find a quiet place in your home where none of the above can be found, like your dining room table, the basement...or even the bathroom!
Can’t find a study nook? Then remove anything that might be distracting from your room and put it in a safe (but far away!) place. Walking downstairs to grab your cell phone in the kitchen will remind you why you put it there in the first place—to focus!

Focus Tip #3: Close Your Internet Tabs (Even!)

From instant messenger, to Facebook to e-mail…yep, even reading this article on … there is just so much to do on the web (except homework!)

If you don’t need to use the web for homework research, X those pages out! That way, if you feel the need to check your crush’s away message, you’ll think twice about opening up your browser. If you do need to use the web, copy and paste your research into a Word document and then read it, instead of studying it straight off the screen. That way, you won’t “accidentally” log onto your Facebook account instead of focusing on that important article for American History. 

Good luck and remember...the more productive you are, the more time there is for FUN when you're done!


by Sammy Davis | 2/1/2016