Tough Stuff

I get teased--a lot

Almost everyone in my class hates me and calls me names. I get so mad sometimes, I just want to punch them. I feel like a tattle tale if I tell the teacher, but it’s getting out of control.

It sounds like you are experiencing one of the biggest probs these days—bullying. And unfortunately, more than one person is ganging up on you.

It is never OK for anyone to call you names or tease you. Though, dealing with the situation in a way that will cause the name-calling to stop is tricky. The best thing to do is to ignore the teasing, and not let them think they’re upsetting you. If they get a reaction, it will just egg them on.

But sometimes enough’s enough, and you need to calmly say, “This is getting old, please stop,” or “Give it a rest.” Getting angry is only going to fuel the fire, and probably won’t get you anywhere.

If you can’t reason with these kids, you will need to speak with the teacher or your parents. You can work together to find a way to address the situation. It’s not worth all of the negative energy.
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by Lindsey Silken | 2/1/2016