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Rock the awk: OMG-worthy sitches, solved!

Awkward moments aren’t just restricted to the holiday season—though goodness knows, we’ve seen our fair share between Christmas and New Year’s! Rock the awk all year long with our best tips for common situations. See ya, awkward turtle!

Zip Those Lips

Oh, the horror! You ‘n’ the fam are standing in the returns line at the mall when Mom spots your crush one aisle over…and announces you two would be sooo cute together. And by the shell-shocked expression on his face, you’re pretty sure he heard every word.

Phew. Can you say “damage control”? Catch your cutie’s gaze, shake your head in exasperation and roll your eyes. Then grab your mom’s elbow and turn her around. Rather than throwing a fit about how she totally just ruined your chances with him, chalk it up as something you two can chuckle about later and change the subject ASAP: “Worst gift you’ve ever gotten. Go!”

Talk About A Text-tastrope

Oh, the horror! You’re texting your gal pal a play-by-play recap of your NYE kiss with the guy you’ve been gaga for since grade school…only to discover you sent it to him!  

Phew. Don’t flush your iPhone down the nearest toilet. Instead, recover with another text making light of the scenario as soon as you catch your mistake: “/facepalm. That was for my friend. Where’s the awkward turtle when ya need it?” And ya might just mention that you sorta, kinda can’t wait for a repeat of New Year’s Eve...

What A Gas

Oh, the horror! It’s your first day back after winter vacay and you’re parlez-vousing your way to the top of your French class…’til ya let one rip right when Madame pops a Q.

Phew. Resist the urge to duck ‘n’ cover and instead offer up an embarrassed smile, a cute li’l “guilty” shoulder shrug and a perfectly accented pardonne-moi. There might be giggles, but if you act like everything is fine and dandy, your classmates will forget all about your blooper before the bell rings.

How Revealing

Oh, the horror! You can’t help but feel jealous when a popular princess waltzes into school wearing the J. Crew coat you’ve been coveting since it got chilly out. Well, up until she slips it off and reveals a super cute skirt…that’s tucked into her tights.

Phew. It might be amusing to watch her walk through the halls parading her cheetah-print undies, but we bet you’ll still hear Jiminy Cricket chidin’ ya for not doing the right thing: Walking up to her as soon as ya catch the wardrobe malfunction and telling her what’s, um, up. Sure, she might not be a bestie, but the next time you need a rescue, we bet she’ll be the first to come to your aid.
What's your nightmare awkward situation, sweeties? Tell us in the comments!


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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