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Social media dramarama: How to hang in there and deal

We get that texting and social sites are all the rage, but this is a cause for drama drama drama. We’ve got some tips on how to deal when these social sites turn from good ol’ fun to some seriously messy situations.

Your BF switched his FB relationship status to single… without telling you.

We hate to say it, but this is probably your boyfriend’s way of saying that he wants to break-up. This may seem like a really immature thing to do, but most teen boys are not as emotionally developed as teen girls. He was probably nervous to say it to your face. Our advice would be to ask him what happened, and why he wanted to break-up. He’s obviously already made his mind up, so there’s no use in begging him to switch it back. If you act mature enough in your conversation, he might just realize the mistake he made and his status will be back to “in a relationship” in no time.

Your bud said she way busy with family stuff when you wanted to hang out, but she posted a pic of her and the rest of your gang on Instagram.

The best thing to do in this situation is to not jump to conclusions. Maybe the pic was from another night that you weren’t allowed out. Ask one of your other friends in the picture and see what she has to say. If your bud was in fact blowing you off, maybe she isn’t as great of a friend as you thought. Try finding something else to do, or hang out with another group of friends to get your mind off of it for the time being. But when the time is right, definitely confront your friend and ask why she lied. She probably has a reason.

You see that a classmate is being bullied on Twitter.

When it comes to being bullied, the first thing to do is tell someone. Ask your classmate if she’s told her parents or a teacher. If she’s too afraid, tell someone yourself. Encourage her to block whoever is bullying her from Twitter and other social media sites. Be sure to support her, and tell her that what is being said about her isn’t true. Having a support system will help clear her mind of these negative thoughts.

You receive pushy text messages from a boy in your class.

When you start getting text messages that make you feel uncomfortable, the best thing to do is stop responding. If you respond to the message, it is only continuing the cycle. Make sure you don’t delete the message, so you can show a trusted adult what was said. The boy may try to make himself look cool by telling other classmates that your scared, but know that you did the right thing. Surround yourself with positive influences that will help you understand that a boy should never put you into an uncomfortable situation.

What social media drama are you dealing with, babes? Let’s see some good #GLgirl advice in the comments, cuties!
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by Katie Takacs | 2/1/2016
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