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Master your mistakes: How to make an A+ recovery effort

So you had an “oops!” moment. Embarrassing? Yep. But you're in very good company. Everyone who's ever lived has made a mistake. The secret to conquering your boo-boos is not to dwell on what happened, but to set to work fixing it straight away. Your motto from here on out? Damage control.

Apologize, and mean it
You asked the teacher the same question she had just explained after you zoned out. You said something you shouldn’t have to a friend. You forgot your mom’s birthday. You totally slacked on your chores (or turned the laundry pink). Only thing to do: Say you’re sorry.

Perfect for…times when there’s nothing you can do other than saying you’re sorry (in addition to, well, not doing it again).

Ask the important Q
Sometimes when you make a mistake, all you can do is apologize and endeavor to not repeat your doh! moment. Other times, though, you can immediately ask what you can do to fix the mistake. This shows that you want to learn from the past, and that you’re eager to make things right—always a good thing.

Perfect for…work situations, especially when you’re still learning how to do your job.

Go above and beyond
Apologizing is a good start, but sincerity means more when you show it rather than say it. From here on out, do your best to really, truly do your best, whether it's homework or chores or being a stellar friend. Your eagerness to show that you’re making a change for the better will speak volumes.

Perfect for…anytime and every time.

Tell us, babes: What was your biggest “oops!” moment? How did you recover?


by Brittany Taylor | 3/17/2019