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20 mistakes its okay to make


Making a mistake isn’t something that we all want to happen.. but they happen anyway. When you make a mistake there are two options; you can let it bother you for the rest of the day or you can shake it off your shoulders and forget all about it. From slipping in front of the class to flubbing up your lines on the announcements, here are 20 mistakes that are okay to make.

It’s OK to…

Forget about your eyebrow waxing appointment

Your brows don’t have to be absolute perfection every day. Skipping your waxing sesh will give your brows and skin a much-needed break.

Accidentally wear mismatched nail polish

Did ya doze off while painting your nails and never got around to fixing them? That’s totally okay! Although you may feel like everyone is noticing, not many people pay close attention to nails.

Eat fast food… for the third time this week.

If your schedule has been crazy busy and the only time you have to eat is in between SGA meetings and soccer practice, it’s totally okay to nom on fast food. Eating it won’t kill you and you can always eat some leafy greens later.

Tell your crush’s BFF who you like

Maybe you did it on purpose and maybe it accidentally slipped out. Either way, this will give your guy some notice that you like him, which could end up in a date coming your way!

Repeat outfits

So what if you always wear your fave v-neck with those super cute shorts? As long as you feel comfortable and confident, that’s all that matters.

Wave to the wrong person

You can turn this usually awkward situation into a chance to meet new people and maybe make a friend or two! If the person you waved to didn’t notice then no problem! If they did then compliment them on something you like! Instant friends!

Totally blank on the test

Nothing’s worse than walking into History and seeing a test on your desk that you totally forgot to study for. Although this is a sticky situation, use it as a chance to learn from your mistakes. Invest in a daily planner where you can write down all your assignments to ensure you’re ready for the next test.

Flub your lines

Although messing up in front of the whole school is mega embarrassing, remember that you’re only human and it’s okay to mess up. Give yourself a mini pep talk and know that you’re going to wow them with the rest of your stellar performance.

Mess up while doing your makeup

Trust us, it takes a lot of time and practice to make your eyeliner picture perfect. So your eyeliner may not be perfectly even on both sides, so what? You get points from us for trying!

Wear 'last years' style

You finally saved up enough money to buy those shoes everyone at school was going gaga over last year, but now everyone is going crazy on a new trend. Keep the shoes and wear them with pride. There’s a good chance that they will be back in style soon enough and you will be ready to become the newest trendsetter.

Forget to touch up your roots

Yikes! The big dance is tomorrow and you never went to the salon to fix your hair dye! Don’t sweat about it. There are tons of hair styles you can do to cover up your roots if you want to. On’t focus on your hair when you can focus on how much fun you’re going to have!

Have the same dress as your BFF at the dance

You and your BFF have the same style which is awesome, but it can get a little embarrassing when you both show up to the dance with the same dress. Make this situation fun and take tons of pics and laugh about how similar you two really are. Talk about twinning!


Walk into the wrong classroom

Rushing through the hallway to get to class before the bell rings is super stressful so it’s okay if you get mixed up and run to English instead of Math. Just apologize and laugh it off. Promise us when we say it happens all the time.

Slip and fall at school

Yikes! This is something you don’t wish on your biggest enemy, but unfortunately it happens all the time. Get up quickly and laugh it off. It won’t seem so traumatizing if you’re laughing at yourself with others and not getting upset.

Walk up to the wrong car

It’s easy to get confused when there are two cars that look just like your family’s. Just laugh it off and let person in the car know that you got mistaken and move on, it’s no biggie!

Have a tampon fall out of your backpack

This is as sitch that can leave you blushing. Just pick it up and don’t draw attention to it. The more embarrassed you look the worse it gets. Be confident in yourself and know that it happens all the time.

Accidentally forget a date

Did you check your phone while shopping and see 8 missed calls from Chris asking where you were? Don’t freak out, just be honest with him and let him know it slipped your mind. Make it up to him by planning something else super fun. Honest is the best policy when it comes to this mistake.


Oversleeping can cause you to be late to something or miss it entirely, but this is your bodies way of telling you to slow down and take a break.

Take your bro's lunch instead of your own

Did you grab your brothers PB&J instead of your usual deli sandwich? Take this as a chance to get something other than what you eat every day and treat yourself to something new!

Walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to you

This is usually seen in the movies, but trust us when we say it happens in real life. Check yourself before leaving and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Know that life will go on and none of these mistakes will ruin your life. It’s important to be able to laugh it off and know that we’re all humans and make mistakes. You keep doing you, girl!


by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016
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