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GIRL TALK: Lost My Life

I have a huge issue that has messed me up. When I was 7 I moved all the way across the country. I lost a whole lot of friends, and I hated to say goodbye. Every friend I make (I'm serious!) has moved away, or has left me. I think I'm cursed or something. And over the years I've just learned to just not make friends so I'd never have to say goodbye. Now I act weird and crazy, and now I have a bad rep. People criticize me calling me ugly and fat. When people do that I eat, and eat. Making me fatter. And I can't stop feeling stupid. I want a fresh start, but I'm not sure how to change my life back. I really messed things up!


Hey Lost,
It may seem like you’re way in over your head with these probs, but remember there are always people that want to help you! Could you talk to your mom about how you’ve been feeling? You may not think it at first, but she can offer some pretty darn good advice.

If you really want a fresh start, it’s all about attitude! Perk up! Half the time, things are never really as bad as you think they are. Next time something is totally not going your way, come up with one positive thing about it.  It sucks you moved to a new town but what’s on the bright side? New friends? New places to hang out? A chance to decorate your room with a totally unique look? Take advantage of the situations you get thrown in and always have a positive attitude. If you stay a Debbie Downer, it’ll be harder to make friends. So cheer up and turn your act around because I know you can do it!


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7/1/2008 4:40:00 AM