Tough Stuff

Secrets to de-stressing after a whirlwind day


Sometimes life feels like it's running at an impossible pace. School pressures, family responsibilities and friend drama (hello, 6 million group texts) can leave you more than frazzled. Here's how to relax after a super crazy day...


  • Sweat it out. Exercise might seem like just another item on your to-do list, but a 20-30 minute sweat session will release tension and calm your mind.


  • Have a tea party. The only person invited? You. Brew a cup of calming chamomile or green tea and just take some time to unwind. 


  • Bath break. Fill up the tub with warm water and break out your favorite bath bomb (with like Lush's Pink Bath Bomb and Ickle Baby Bot for chilling). Resist the urge to bring your study materials in the tub with you. This is all about giving your brain and body a break.

  • Light a candle. If it's really crunch time and you have to power through that pile of homework, at least burn a scented candle while you're plugging away. Lavender is always relaxing, but we also like woodsy scents, which make us feel like we're camping (not cramming).

Most importantly, remember to breathe. And if you really want to end that churning feeling in you head, try meditation. Our favorite 5-minute bliss-out breathing exercise is right here.


What's your favorite way to reset after an insane day? 


by GL | 2/1/2016