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#Awk: 9 cringe-worthy moments everyone has experienced

 *Backs away slowly...*

1. Having someone hold the door open for you when you’re obviously too far away.

2. Reaching for the last slice of pizza at the same time as someone else—do you let them take it? Is it all yours? Would it be even more awkward to split it?

3. Waving at someone in public who doesn’t see you, and having to lower your arm in shame (or worse—waving back at someone that was NOT waving at you).

4. Walking into the wrong classroom.

5. Tripping at the worst possible moment (like when you're walking across the stage or trying to look good in heels).

6. Trying (continually) to push open a door that is supposed to be pulled.

7. Saying something to someone who doesn’t hear you...or trying to contribute to a conversation and getting talked straight over. 

8. Saying "you too" when someone wishes you happy birthday or tells you to enjoy your movie.

9. Worst of all? Stalking someone’s Instagram and liking a photo from 65 weeks ago. *OH THE SHAME*

We've all been there. What awkward situation gets you every time? Let us know below!

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by Alexa Matthews | 3/30/2019