Tough Stuff

How to tell your BFF that she hurt your feelings

Usually, you’re BFF is the one person you always want to be around. You know, the one you spend hours with, talking about nothing ... and everything. But how do you tell your friend she upset you, without getting into a bigger fight? Here's how to overcome this minor, but oh-so-common, friendship hurdle in four simple steps.

1. Talk about it right away
Don’t wait too long to let your bestie know she hurt your feelings. Waiting will only make matters worse, because you'll have time to stew and she's likely to forget exactly what went down.

2. Talk face-to-face
Set the phone aside for this one. Tell your bestie you need to talk to her alone. It’s easy to misunderstand a text, because you can’t hear their tone or read their facial expressions. It might feel awk, but it's better to air this kind of thing in person.

3. Approach your bestie with an open attitude
Go to your friend calmly. Remember: your goal is to fix the issue not to make it worse. And, who knows? It could've been a misunderstanding. Simply tell her that you were hurt when X happened. Be sure to listen to her explanation or apology, and only respond when she’s finished talking.

4. Plan a hangout
After a tough conversation, it’s always important to leave it on a good note. So, end the conversation with a hug and a plan to hang out ASAP. You two will be back and better than ever in no time.

Have you and your BFF ever had a big fight? How did you get over it?


by Joy Cato | 3/11/2019