Tough Stuff

Moving? Here’s how to beat the blues

Moving can be exciting or stressful—it’s all in your mindset. While you may only be thinking of the downsides of a new home and neighborhood, there are so many things to look forward to. Here are some ways to not only cope, but to get yourself excited about moving. 

Throw a going away party
Even if you're just moving a few blocks away, talk to your parents about throwing one last get-together at your house. Whether you and your buds are jumping into the pool for the last time or lounging on the basement couch where you've had so many past convos, it'll feel good to give your home a proper sendoff. 

Make a scrapbook
Purchase a photo album and print out your favorite photos from your current home. Decorate the pages with stickers and write about all of your memories. Use half of the scrapbook as a tribute to this home, and plan to fill the other half with memories from after your move!

Open up to your parents and siblings
It may *seem* like everyone around you is uber happy about the move, but we bet you're not the only one feeling sad about the chapter that's closing. Be sure to talk to your family about how you're feeling—remember, you're in this together!

Plan out your new room

The most exciting thing about moving is *def* redecorating. Find inspo from past GL articles like the ones here, here, here and here!

Research your new neighborhood
If you're moving to a new town, get excited by searching for restaurants and shops nearby. When you find out that the local Mexican place makes the best guac or that the local Forever 21 is double the size of the one at your old mall, you'll def be more pumped. 


by Alison H. | 8/5/2019