Tough Stuff

Struggling with insecurities? We’ve got advice

In the era of self-care, we are surrounded by messages of self-love and standing tall in your own skin. Easy to say...a lot harder to actually do. It takes time, practice and lots of reflection to be able to feel 100 percent comfortable with ourselves. Here's how to fight off those dark and twisty insecurities and welcome in that unbreakable self-love. 

Let it out 


No matter how pretty, athletic or smart you think someone is, it is almost guaranteed that there is something they are insecure about. We all have those days where we wish our skin would clear up a little bit more or that math didn’t make our brains hurt. When something like this is really getting you down, talk it out with your bestie, write about it in a journal or ask your mom for advice. You’ll feel lighter and realize that you aren’t alone. 

Turn off the socials 


Sometimes it can be really hard to feel good when you're comparing yourself and your life to the images and videos you see on social media. Remember, everyone’s path is different and not all things are as glamorous as they seem. If looking at your favorite fashion icon or watching YouTubers go on vacations isn't entertaining you in a healthy way, it’s ok to take a break. Look around your space and relish in all the things you have to be grateful for. 

You time is healing time 


Take time to pamper yourself with positive thoughts, a relaxing spa day and nourishing food.  Sometimes all you need is to remind yourself you are the only one on this planet that could be you so perfectly. Whether you didn’t quite make the cut for the soccer team or your crush doesn't like you back, make a routine of saying an empowering mantra in the mirror before you start your day.

Take a step out of your comfort zone 



It may seem super scary to do the things that make you clam up with sweaty palms. We promise that some of those things aren’t as scary as you think. For example, if you find it nerve-wracking to talk to new people, try making just one new friend in one of your classes. Set small and reasonable goals for yourself in areas you want to grow or try new things in. It’s the ultimate confidence booster when you realize you are capable of more than you imagined! 

How do you deal when you're feeling really down about yourself? Give your best piece of advice in the comments.


by Cassandra R Lopez | 12/11/2019