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GIRL TALK: How Can I Help?

My friend's dad got laid off recently and they're having a hard time with money. She needed 5 dollars for a choir thing and called her mom for the money from school. Her mother started crying because she thought they may not be able to give her the five dollars. I felt and feel really sad for her and her family but she soon got the money, but I still am concerned. How can
I help?


Hey Chickey,
You have a big heart for wanting to help your friend out but remember that if you want to help her out, do not make her into a charity case by telling any of your other friends about her situation. The economy is not only hurting people's pockets but it's dampening people's spirits, and self respect. Try inviting her family over to dinner more often to get everyone talking. Maybe someone in your family can help her Dad by  knowing someone who may be hiring. Also,  try talking to your friend in private about what's going on. She may need someone to talk to about her family's ordeal. Remember, you can only do so much so don't strain yourself over this situation but always be there for her when she needs someone to talk to.
<3 Sherryn D.
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11/11/2008 5:17:00 PM