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Girl Talk: All Alone


How can I get over depression? I do have legitimate reasons to be depressed, however I hate feeling this way and wish they'd go away. I'm thirteen years old and have asked my parents if I could see a psychiatrist, but they dismissed my request without thinking. They were very persistent on making it clear that they thought I was trying to cheat them out of money, which I am not. What are some methods that I can use to beat my depression? I cannot take medication, talk to a school counselor (it's summer break), turn to the lord (my mother is a very holy person and forces her beliefs on me), or talk to a friend (I currently have none). Is there anything else that I can do?'

-Depressed Girl Party of One

Dear depressed girl party of one,

Where are these feelings coming from? Do you know? The first step in solving this problem is figuring out why you feel so horrible. I recommend you get a journal and just start to write. Start with anything and then just let your pen flow. Scribble any and all things that come to mind. Write down every little thought, every little belief, every little memory, etc. And see where it takes you. If you find out what’s bothering you, then try to address that issue. If there’s no specific issue you can think of, keep writing. Even if the journal can’t help you figure out what's actually bugging you, it will give you a way to get your feelings out. Remember to write in it every day. Your journal can become a good friend that you share everything with. It’s always there to listen and you never have to worry about it talking behind your back or sharing your secrets with boys! It will feel so nice to just get your thoughts and feelings out. Besides the journal, make sure you keep doing things that make you happy. If you enjoy being outside, go for more bike rides. If you enjoy reading, get some books from the library. Do what makes you happy babe! And remember, there are always girls here to talk on the GL Blog!


8/3/2007 1:01:44 AM