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Wanna be a GL intern? Read on!

Girls’ Life magazine provides internship opportunities for students interested in learning about and working in magazine and online publishing. Whether you’re seeking course credits or looking for personal enrichment, growth and experience, Girls’ Life offers a unique way for students to get a first-hand glimpse into publishing.

• Several college and/or high school students per semester including summers. Shorter opportunities are available for girls 13 and up who live in the Baltimore, Maryland area.
• You must be an organized, self-motivated, resourceful, upbeat student who’s into everything GL (that’s friends, fashion, celebs, beauty and real-life issues).
• Mass Communication, English, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations and Online/New Media majors preferred.
• Computer proficiency (we like Mac) and some office experience are required (ya know, copying and mailing). Experience working with social media, Microsoft Office, Photoshop and CMS a plus!


Duties vary depending on experience and skill-level, but standard responsibilities include:

• Writing. Interns contribute features, short articles, polls, quizzes, reviews, columns and celebrity profiles for our website and magazine.
• Providing editorial support. Interns attend editorial meetings; assist editors; research and fact-check stories; work with publicists; and check proofs.

• Providing administrative support. Interns sort and respond to reader letters and emails; catalog fashion and beauty samples; file issue materials and take on anything and everything else vital to the running of the magazine and website!
• Generating, managing, editing and posting content for Girlslife.com.
• Updating social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
• Assisting advertising team with copy, marketing strategies and new campaigns.

Please contact us three months prior to preferred start of internship. Typically, interns work two to three days per week (but can always come in M-F if interested).Our internship hours are flexible, and we are able to work around school schedules. We prefer to give course credit as this is a non-paid opportunity.


Our offices are located in Baltimore, Maryland. Don’t live in or around Baltimore? Check out mediabistro.com and ed2010.com for great “How to Get an Internship” info and internship listings in other areas.

Email us a cover letter that tells us why you’d make the PERFECT GL intern. Also helpful? A current resume and 1-2 writing samples. Send everything to our Online Editor/Intern Coordinator, Jossie Carbonare, jossie@girlslife.com. If we have an opening, we will contact you to set up an interview.


We’re impressed if you familiarize yourself with our magazine’s online/in-book content and target audience before applying.
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