Get Some Extra Shut-Eye

After a fun and busy weekend, it can be super-hard to wake up early in the morning and launch into a whole new week. This week, try to make it your goal to get some extra shut-eye.

Instead of stayin’ up till the wee hours on school nights (probably watching TV or not doing much of anything), try to go to bed twenty minutes earlier than you normally would on Sunday night. Then on Monday night, go to bed twenty minutes earlier than ya did on Sunday. Gradually setting back your bedtime helps your outta-whack body clock ease into a new schedule.

If you find it hard to hit the hay early, try to spend fifteen minutes or so in your bedroom with the lights low before bedtime. During this time, do something relaxing like meditating, reading a book, or listening to soft music. Your body (and mind!) needs time to unwind after a day of going, going, going. The calm activity will be like a lullaby and you’ll fall asleep in no time!

Don’t be surprised when ya feel less-stressed and more focused and chill in class by the end of the week!


by Megan Parker | 2/1/2016