Critic's Pick: Disney Alice in Wonderland for Wii

Fall down the rabbit hole just in time for Tim Burton’s 3-D release. GL headed to Lyon, France to catch up with game developers at Etranges Libellules and managed to get a first-hand look at Disney Interactive’s new Wii video game (available this Tuesday, March 2).

Set 10 years after the original Alice stories, this unique Wii experience lets you escape to the whimsical world of Underland right from the comfort of home.

The objective:
To help Alice save Underland by defeating the evil Red Queen’s army through a slew of challenging puzzles. Go through a simple maze to find Alice and begin your adventure. 

The game starts in the rabbit hole, filled with many different doors. But only some can be opened with the abilities of certain unlocked characters.     

The Key Players:
While you don’t actually get to play as Alice in the game (bummer, we know), you can adopt some of the other hilarious characters of the Underland Underground Resistance, who all have the equally important task of protecting our beloved lady. Each with a special power, they’re all beneficial to the ultimate goal of saving Underland.

There’s the White Rabbit, who has the ability of time. He’s one of the first unlocked characters you find at the start of the game. Use his powers to alter time or slow enemies down.

The Dormouse is an adorable little addition, and another immediate player within the game. Quick and filled with superb swordsmanship, you’ll want this little lady’s ability to fight evil.

The March Hare has the ability of telechenisis. Use your mind to throw objects (or enemies) away.

Then there’s the Cheshire Cat, who can instantly become invisible, or make objects around him disappear.

But the journey wouldn’t be complete without the Mad Hatter. Players can use him to create optical illusions by lining up different objects. Be advised: He must be standing on the podium for his powers to work.

As with everything in Underland, nothing is as it seems. And this Wii game does a fabulous job of living the world of illusion.

A key item in the Wii game is Alice’s size. As the developers explain, “We play a lot with the size. She’ll sometimes be small, sometimes be very, very tiny and sometimes be definitely huge.”

What’s huge, though, is the fact that the game still captures the dreary essence portrayed on the big screen. Familiar voices from the flick also pop up as some of the movie’s talent (like Mia Wasikowska, Michael Sheen, Stephen Fry and Barbara Windsor) did voiceover work for their respective video game characters.

Fun For All
The game is very accessible to a wide range of audience. Mazes are simple in the beginning, with paths illuminated to help guide the way, but gain complexity the further you go in the game. You can decide to go on the journey alone, or grab an additional bud for co-op mode (don’t worry, she can drop in or out with a simple click).

And if you’re really up for a challenge, you can collect chess pieces throughout the levels, earning you special stills from the movie among other neat unlockables.  

So take a break from HW this Tuesday, March 2, and slip into the magical world of wonder. Then come back and let us know your thoughts.

Check out a trailer of this new Wii game below!

What’s the new Disney Alice in Wonderland game for DS all about? Check back tomorrow to find out!

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By: Patricia McNamara 


2/27/2010 7:00:00 AM