Critic's Pick: Disney Alice in Wonderland for DS

Fall down the rabbit hole just in time for Tim Burton’s 3-D release. Yesterday, we dished the dirt on Disney’s Alice in Wonderland video game for Wii (CLICK HERE to check it out). But is the DS version (out March 2) just as cool? You bet—with a totally diff experience.

The objective:
Underland has completely gone to shreds by the Red Queen. Rebuild the world by collecting different jigsaw puzzle pieces—protecting Alice along the way.

Alice’s main safety is the focus within the game. And, like the Wii experience, you can adopt different Underland characters to help guide her to the nasty queen.

While Alice simply follows you wherever you move, accidentally leave her behind and she’ll get super whiny (trust us, she’ll cry). Leave her for a very long time? The Red Queen’s army pops out and tries to take her away, leaving you, the player, to chip away at their armor as defense.

The Key Players:
Not all of the fab five can be used as playable characters within the DS game. Start as the White Rabbit, then carry on with the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat or the Mad Hatter. All have special abilities, which can only be used in certain hot spots across the map.

The imagery is what makes this game stand on its own, with a completely different approach than anything we’ve seen before. As the game’s developers at Etranges Libellules said, “We have lots of Tim Burton fans here so we wanted to show his kind of tortured mind but in a cute Alice way.” The iconic art style, inspired by Burton’s notorious imagery, makes this journey seem like it’s all in 2-D, but in actuality it’s 3-D (use Mad Hatter to see what we’re talking about).
The game is unique in its own right, allowing players to create their own paths. Collected puzzle pieces can be rearranged in different ways to build shortcuts throughout the game, making everyone’s experience a different one.

Fun for All
Think the theme of puzzles can be a total stumper? The gameplay is relatively painless, with simple dialogue guiding you throughout the process at the bottom of the DS screen. Don’t try to get too confused by which character is speaking, though. It’ll all make sense in the end. And for those up for a bigger challenge, stellar critical thinking can earn ya loads of additional unlockables, too.

So grab your DS, then take the adventure from the console to the online world by checking out DGamer—an exclusive new community just for Disney gamers. (There’s even some additional unlockable content activated by color with the DSi camera, too). Rated E10+ for everyone due to mild cartoon violence, it’s the perfect game that combines action, fantastical adventure and some killer girl power to boot.

Check out the game’s trailer below…

Which Alice in Wonderland character is your fave? Blog about it, gamer girls.

By: Patricia McNamara


2/28/2010 7:00:00 AM