Alice in Wonderland Video Game Cheats

Did you grab your copies of Disney Interactive’s Alice in Wonderland video games for Wii and DS yet? Check out our very special reviews on the titles: Alice in Wonderland for Wii and Alice in Wonderland for DS!

Whether you’ve experienced the games in all of their glory, or are still on the fence about checking them out, the folks at Etranges Libellules (developers of the titles) sure know what a good video game is all about: one loaded with tons of hidden secrets.

Clever as they are, they couldn’t escape our prodding questions. We headed to Lyon, France, cornered developer Edith Protière (OK, not literally) and had her spill some juicy secrets from the games. While they might not make sense to the naked eye, you’ll totally catch our drift while playing.

So, go ahead. Check ’em out before trying to beat them before your buds! Then milk your bragging rights for all they’re worth.
For the Wii:
Secret Scoop: Use the Mad Hatter to your advantage. “The perspective of the Hatter is really unique. So I would encourage people to do all the type of quests with the Hatter because it’s quite a lot.”

Secret Scoop: Be destructive. “The theme of the cabin is to destroy everything.  Destroy all the walls in the cabin and you [will] find lots of things.”

Secret Scoop: Listen to the Dodos (those wacky bird-looking things). “Be careful of the Dodos who talk quickly. [There’s a] level where [there’s a] door [that’s on] the floor [and] when you walk through the door, you will be in the same environment, but there will be a huge green tornado. There’s a Dodo [who] sounds, and if you slow him down, it tells you something. You have to find what that means.”

Secret Scoop: Stick with the stones. “In the Red Desert, you have to follow the ribbon because big desert storms follow the ribbon. And do not forget to read the secret message on stones. If you want to find the way, look at the secret message in the stone. That’s very important.”
For the DS:
Secret Scoop: It’s all about Alice. “Wait until you see Alice’s home.”

Secret Scoop: Mind the map. “There are lots of clues on the map. For example, there’s a level where you have many doors, and you have to take the door in the right orders. But the right order is written on the [puzzle] piece, which is on the map. Don’t forget to look at [it closely].”

Secret Scoop: Grab all of the bonus unlockables. “We did some very fun bonus images where we mixed up the Wii and DS characters together as unlockables. So [for example] you have the rabbit of the Wii version and the rabbit of the DS version.”

Secret Scoop: Play ’til the very end. One of the last missions of the entire game is to play as a character you can’t normally play as in the rest of the game. However, we’re not going to spoil the surprise for you upfront. Play along to find out. Can you guess who it is?

Completing the games or not, there’s one final message Edith wants to share with all of you GL girlies: “I would love [you] to feel that [you] have discovered a world of illusion and been put through an adventure different from what [you] have seen before.” So cool!

Are you totally loving these new Alice in Wonderland video games? Let us know, gamer girls.

By: Patricia McNamara


3/7/2010 7:00:00 AM