Dare to Play? Grab The Daring Game for Girls for Wii

Are you a true daring girl? Can you handle trivia, games, friendships, selling goods and secret missions? Then check out The Daring Game for Girls (in stores now) by Majesco Entertainment for the Wii!
This one-player adventure is based off the book The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea J. Bughanan and Miriam Peskowitz. Slip into the role of a spirited chica, determined to set out on a grand journey to either raft down the Amazon, go on an African Safari or climb Mt. McKinley. To play, you’ll need both the Wii-mote and the nunchuck, so make sure you have ’em before you start on your own daring adventure.
Throughout the game, you’ll complete challenges to get different items needed to continue on your quest. Need to make some quick cash? Play and win a round of “around the world” in basketball and you’ll receive a Swiss army knife, which you can then make some sweet lemonade and test out your selling skills at the corner stand. If you’re in need of an item but can’t complete a challenge, head over to the shops to buy what you need to be even more daring.
Want to make more friends? Who doesn’t! Construct super-cute friendship bracelets and approach the other kids in the area to grab more pals that will help you earn points and “Daring Badges” throughout the game.
Testing your smarts with trivia is another great way to earn points. And with questions ranging anywhere from stumping brain busters to easy-peasy simple ones, it makes for a ton of fun. (Hint: Read the bits of trivia in the loading screens—they can sometimes help you.)
Check out all three different areas to play and learn, and do your best to collect all the “Daring Badges” that come along with every challenge. Then come back and let us know your thoughts. Good luck, daring diva.

Check out the trailer for this hot new game below…

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By: Meghan Hole


3/30/2010 12:57:00 PM