Celebrate with Nancy Drew

Ever wanted to solve a mystery at a wedding and save the day? With THQ’s Nancy Drew: The Model Mysteries game for Nintendo DS, you can be the hero!
Based on three Nancy Drew books, the story begins as you step into Nancy’s shoes, who’s a bridesmaid in a totally fab wedding. The beautiful bride is marrying a reality TV star, and the whole process is being filmed. Insane, right?
While you and the rest of the bride’s crew are out and about, the bride finds a threatening note, telling her she shouldn’t be at the wedding…or else! Now it’s up to you to figure out the whodunit.
During the game, you will search many rooms for hidden clues and items that the bride and others need. Be careful though—you only have three minutes to find everything on the list, or you’ll have to start the search all over again. If you click on the wrong item you lose some time, so be very wary with what you choose. (Quick tip: When looking through the rooms, it’s easiest to use the directional keys to move quickly, instead of the point-and-drag with the stylus.)

If you don’t want to take the time to play a full story mode game, you can also choose to play the quick play, which is loads of fun, but can get very frustrating! In the quick play mode, you can choose which level you want to play, and each time you play, you’ll get a new list of things to look for.
So put your thinking cap on, grab your flashlight and magnifying glass and prepare to solve the mystery with Nancy Drew: The Model Mysteries for Nintendo DS (in stores now). Then come back and let us know your thoughts.
How would you like to solve a mystery during a wedding? Have you ever solved any mysteries of your own? Blog about it, sleuths.

By: Meghan Hole


4/9/2010 10:41:00 AM