Facebook BINGO

Wanna know what I’m obsessed with right now? B-I-N-G-O and bingo was his name-oh! That’s right, there’s a way to do the classic game (addicting, agitating, exciting, yet angering) every day for free and you’ll find it on Facebook!

Here’s how it works:
When you first add the app, you get to a page where you can choose a “room” to join, such as “Addict Alley” (my personal fave), and are automatically given five game coins every day to play, scoring additional coins by winning a round of BINGO. Depending on which room you enter, you can play different kinds of the hit classic, such as the regular five-in-a-row, four corners or even an interesting version known as “anchor’s away,” where you must make the shape of an anchor on your card.

After entering the room, you can buy one to four cards with the coins you received and get started! There’s a mini chat on the side, allowing you to talk to the other gamers while you play. The numbers will start rolling across the top of the screen, then you must mark off the numbers on your own card when they pop up and call BINGO!

Depending on when you finish, you can get a silver spot (which scores ya two free game coins) or a bronze (one free game coin). You can even take your accumulated coins to the store and buy cute little prezzies. Fun, right?

I literally play this every single day and while I might yell at my computer or blame my loss on others around me, I still have a great time.

Are you a BINGO fan? Blog about it, babes.


by Molly Crawford | 2/1/2016