Take a Break with Pony Friends 2

You’ve gotta admit, ponies are probably some of the cutest animals ever! Have you wanted to have your own pony to love? Pony Friends 2, the new game for Wii, Nintendo DS and Windows PC lets you be the trainer!

We tested out the game on Nintendo DS and just had to share our thoughts…
In this adorable game, you get to buy and personalize your own pony. Watch out though, you only have a certain amount of money to spend, so don’t go over your budget just yet. Lovin’ a pony that’s too expensive? Buy another one and save up your dough for the one your dreams! The great thing about this game is that you can have more than one pony. And, even better, you get to name each one.
Learn how to ride your pony and take care of it during the game. While riding, be on the lookout for other wild animals. Snapshots of each will earn ya bonus points, helping to unlock secret items (Tip: Keep your volume up or use headphones—sometimes you hear the animals before you see ‘em!).
After you go out riding, it’s time to groom your new friend! With the help of other pony fanatics, you’ll learn how to brush, wash, feed and befriend your pony. And since grooming helps your pony stay healthy (meaning you won’t have to take a dreaded trip to the vet) we suggest you stay stocked on all items like food and shampoo, which are necessary for caring for your new friend.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can head into town to meet new human pals that help you along the way. Check out the Pony Club to gain more experience points and learn new tricks. And there’s even a multiplayer section where you can race against your buds.
Pony Friends 2 is completely adorable, and perfect for all you animal lovers! Be sure to check out the game (in stores now) and let us know your thoughts.
Have you ever wanted a pony? What would you name it? Blog about it, babes!

By: Meghan Hole


4/16/2010 7:00:00 AM