Green Fun for Earth Day

Earth Day is just days away, and this year we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first ever Earth Day!
Grab your chicas and start preparing for the biggest day for protecting our planet.

Get Active!

Organize or participate in a stream or beach clean-up. You don’t even need a big group; grad a couple of gals and hit the beaches. Be careful to stay away from sharp objects and needles, and wear gloves.

Plant a rain garden or a butterfly garden. Use native plants. Search online for your local or state native plant society to learn how natives attract birds, bees and butterflies—all of which are beneficial for the earth and beautiful for you!

Take a nature walk or visit a nature center. Learn about migrating birds and start a life list of all the different birds you see. It is a fun, inexpensive hobby and birders are great at teaching others how to spot special birds. What’s the craziest feathery friend you’ve seen?

Make a rain barrel, which is a recycled plastic bin that collects water that runs off your roof or out of the gutters. This rain water is clean and can be used in the summer to water plants and grass! Help your parents attach it to the house. For extra fun, call up a girlie and paint the rain barrel together.

One action can make a difference…

Every day, make a conscious decision to do one little thing that will help save the earth. Some ideas:
Turn off the computer each night when you are finished with it
Every time you leave a room (that you won’t come back to within 5 minutes) turn off the light!
Check out your farmer’s market or local produce isle
RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE everything you can by looking for the blue recycling bins
Do not dump harmful chemicals down storm drains on the road or in your sinks and toilets

Head over to a neighborhood event

Lots of communities host events in honor of Earth Day. Does your zoo have a giant Earth Day fair? Is your favorite coffee shop donating a certain amount of proceeds to an environmental cause? Some major brands, like Starbucks, have made annual commitments to being eco-friendly. Search around your community and see where you could pitch in!

Movies about saving Earth?

You bet! Think Wall-E and his trash pit, or March of the Penguins and their struggle. And this Earth Day, James Cameron’s Oscar winning film Avatar hits stores!


by Hallie Rybka | 2/1/2016