Spell it out: Crafty wall decor

Warm weather brings spring cleaning, but don’t be too down, girly! After you’re done sweepin’ up all that junk, opt to add a little extra flair with new decorations. Try decking your walls with some adorable DIY initials. Easy and cute, you can’t go wrong!
What You’ll Need:
Wooden letters from your local craft store (make sure there’s a hole in the back for hanging)—you can snag your initial or enough letters to spell out your name or your word of choice!
Wood or acrylic paints
Stencils, ribbons, glitter, or whatever you want to decorate your letters with
What You’ll Do:
1. Lay your letter(s) down on newspapers on a flat surface.
2. Rub the sandpaper along the flat surfaces and edges of your letter(s) to get rid of any unwanted splinters and rough edges.
3. Paint your whole letter in a base color (mine was white) and let it dry.
4. Once it’s dry, let your creativity flow and decorate it however you want. Glue ribbon strips across, add some sparkle with glitter or use a stencil like I did to paint on a pretty design.
5. Once it’s dry, ask mom or dad to help you hang it up on the wall.  Voila!
Pretty cool, no? Got any other creative ideas to decorate your letters? Have any other ideas to decorate your walls? Blog about it, babes!


by Kristen Yeung | 2/1/2016