My teacher treats me differently because I have ADD

A lot of my teachers treat me as if I'm a young child. While I perform well in school, I have ADD and teachers think this means I have no common sense. During a recent field trip, my teacher singled me out because she thought I would wander off. She held my hand when I crossed the street and she personally escorted me whenever I wanted to check something out. No one else received this sort of treatment and I felt very belittled.
I hold a job, have my driver's permit and feel just as confident in the world as any other student my age; it is just because I can be absentminded that people don't think I'm capable. How can I get people to take me seriously and gently tell them that I do not want to be treated this way?
Hey girl, you are 100-percent right. Just because you have Attention Deficit Disorder, doesn’t make you any less of a person. You deserve to be treated with respect, just like everyone else.
Speak up
First and foremost, you have to let your teacher know exactly how you feel. Chances are, she probably thinks she’s acting with your best interest in mind and doesn’t even know she’s humiliating you. Ask your teacher if you can talk to her after school one day. Or, if you’re uncomfortable confronting her face-to-face, write her a letter expressing your feelings. Either way, you have to stand up for yourself.
Just like everybody else
Kindly explain to your teacher that even though you have ADD, you’re not a little kid. You could say, “I understand you think you’re looking out for me, but the way you treat me sometimes is very embarrassing and it makes me feel uncomfortable.” You could also tell your teacher you’re just like other students—you’re smart and you have a job and a learner’s permit. This will help her see you as the responsible young lady you are.
ADD is so common nowadays; there really is no reason for any of your teachers to make you feel different from everyone else.
Keep it together
You may be tempted to throw a fit whenever your teacher or another adult treats you like a kid, but that is not the most effective way to get them to take you seriously. In these types of scenarios, you have to be mature. Your teacher may not change overnight, but hopefully she will make an effort not to single you out. Best of luck, hon!
Lots of love,
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5/13/2010 7:00:00 AM