Flicks for Dad

Father’s Day is June 20! What are you getting good ol’ Pops? Nothing says love more than some quality bonding. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of flicks we love catching with our own dads. Add them to your queue and start a mega movie marathon with your fave guy. He—and you—deserve some veggin’. Enjoy!
Remember the Titans
This classic football flick is loved by people of all ages—and has a bunch of great messages, including an inspirational father/daughter relationship. Check out a young Hayden Panettiere (she plays the little daughter).

The Pursuit of Happyness
This tearjerker tells the heartwarming story of a father and his child doing the best to survive in hard conditions. Showing a deep appreciation for family, this movie might even make Dad shed a tear.

10 Things I Hate about You
This family favorite is about two teenage sisters going through the pressures of high school while trying to become more independent. Their super-strict father, however, has a hard time accepting it. Loaded with laughter, it has storylines you and your dad might be able to relate to.

The Parent Trap
It’s all about bringing a family—and their love for each other—back together. Need we say more? Adorable!

A dad fast forwards through life’s hard times, making him miss his kids growing up. Sending a message that family is the most important thing and going through rough patches together is essential, it might bring you and Dad a little closer.

What a Girl Wants
What happens when a girl reconnects with her estranged father? He tries to change her to be a certain way, but through everything, realizes she is perfect just the way she is. Watch as a father/daughter relationship completely transforms from strangers to best friends. Too cute!

Which is your fave flick to watch with your dad? Blog about it, babes.
By: Freddi Nevins


6/11/2010 11:04:00 AM