On set with...Joe Jonas

GL reporters Kate Durkee and Patricia McNamara hang with Joe Jonas
on the California set of JONAS L.A.
Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Randy Holmes

The new season of the hit Disney Channel show is bringing a whole new vibe and a slew of exciting storylines—especially for Joe Lucas, played by the ah-dorable 20-year-old Joe Jonas.

In the new season, premiering this Sunday, June 20, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on The Disney Channel, the brothers head out to sunny L.A. for an unforgettable summer with buds Stella and Macy. Joe (Lucas that is) lands a role in free-spirited actress Vanessa Page’s new movie, causing tension between him and Stella. What’s going to happen? We can’t wait to find out!

We sat down with Joe on a break from filming scenes on the JONAS L.A. set and grilled him on everything from girls to his latest fashion faux pas. Check it out…

GL: The basis of the new season is about the boys being out in L.A. and, luckily, their friends are joining them. What’s one piece of advice you could give girls who might be away from their boyfriends over the summer to keep in touch?
Joe: “Now they have Skype and iChat and things like that. Those are really useful. When we’re away from our family and friends, that’s exactly what we use. I think it’s important to be able to try and talk every day if you can. If they’re busy, then [it’s all about] understanding that.”

What’s one thing a girl can do to reconnect with her boyfriend after they’ve both been away on vacation?

“Do something that you’ve done before in the past. Take them on the same first date you guys went on.”

You’re hitting the road on tour again this summer. What’s one thing you hope doesn’t happen this time around?

“I know it will happen, but tripping on stage and things like that. That’s something I’m pretty good at doing—which I wouldn’t really love to be good at.”

Any song suggestions we should add to our own summer playlist?
“There’s this artist from the UK who I’ve become friends with. His name is Frankmusik and he has a song ‘Time Will Tell’ on his record. It’s really good. I can’t get it out of my head.”

You’re known for being stylish and playing with various looks. What’s one fashion trend you just can’t stand, though, at the moment?
“You know it’s funny. I drove here in Uggs this morning and I was [kind of] embarrassed to be wearing [them]. I was just like, ‘I don’t know if I could be seen rocking Uggs right now.’ So I changed my shoes in the car. But I’ve worn my Uggs on sets plenty of times. You’ve got to ease into it I think.”

What’s Joe looking forward to the most this summer?
Watch below to find out!

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by Patricia McNamara and Kate Durkee | 2/1/2016