Spoiler alert! The funniest JONAS L.A. scenes ever

We’ve been counting down the days ’til the much anticipated beginning and, yes, it’s almost here.

While the season promises to have a lot of music, a ton of L.A. attractions and a slew of surprises, never ones to be patient, we just had to find out about some of the funny things we’ll be chuckling over very soon. Which is why we caught the cast while hanging on the show’s California set and had them spill the funniest scenes they’ve filmed so far. Check it out…

Super Secret: Joe sports some latex.
“There’s been a couple [hilarious scenes]. I was recently in this like latex suit, which is pretty funny, and really uncomfortable. We had a fun time with it.”—Joe Jonas

Super Secret: Stella eats “delicious” sushi.
“Filming this season has been so much fun. We’ve laughed nonstop. We had this sushi day where the four of us are eating sushi at the house and I couldn’t have any of the fish because I have a shellfish allergy. They gave me rice wrapped in seaweed with butterscotch pudding and tapioca balls on it to make it look cool. It was so gross. I had to eat it and swallow it in the scene, so I’m trying to choke it down while saying lines. Joe’s looking at me and [I’m trying] not to gag through the whole scene because I’m supposed to be enjoying it. That was pretty funny.”—Chelsea Staub

Super Secret: Kevin rolls like a hamster.
“We’ve got a couple good moments while filming. This season in particular, I think that being able to see Kevin roll around in a hamster ball was really funny.”—Nick Jonas

Super Secret: Big Man gets pulled around in the same “hamster” episode.
“The next scene, we had to pull Big Rob in like a sleigh, so it’s a very funny episode. I’m looking forward to seeing it.”—Nick Jonas 

Be sure to catch the premiere of JONAS L.A. tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on The Disney Channel.

What was your favorite scene from the first season of JONAS? Blog about it, babes.


by Patricia McNamara and Kate Durkee | 2/1/2016