Indoor fun for way-sizzlin' temps

Too hot to trot--literally?! No need to get steamed ‘cause the heat prevents you from enjoying the great outdoors during the hot summer months. GL’s got fun ideas to make the indoors great again.

Help out with dinner
It may sound like a chore but coming up with a fun meal, making and then eating it is actually very satisfying, not to mention delicious. Find a new summery recipe you’d love to try and ask Mom if you can test it out. Time will fly by, and at dinner, you’ll reap the rewards and have everyone calling for seconds.

Hang out with GL
Nothing kicks the doldrums like devouring your fave mag. Go through a copy with a friend and cut out cute pics for collages and to decorate your room. A dose of pretty, shiny and sparkly is just what every wall needs!

Pump some iron
Just because it’s blazin’ hot is no reason to skip your daily workout. Look up some sweet indoor workouts (GL’s Fave Workouts), create a bumpin’ playlist and you’re ready to work your healthy routine. 

Time with the Fam
Don’t just live together, really BE together. There are old standbys, like board games (seriously, try Bananagrams, it’s addicting) and a good talk, but try out other options like a cool music swap. Everyone loans a different family member a fave cd and take turns listening together throughout the day. You might just find something new to love.

Get Organized
Whether it’s your music library or your closet, chances are you have some sorting to do somewhere. The benefits are: 1) cred with the ‘rents; 2) more space (for new clothes?); and 3) it’s more productive than just another day surfin’ the web. You’ll find that the hardest part is just getting started.

Write a letter
Really, is there anything more exciting than getting mail? Be the one to spread that love by taking the time to write a friend or relative. You can’t include awesome doodles in an email, so get creative and it’s sure to pay back. New pen pals = awesome.


by Helen Seachrist | 2/1/2016