Wanna Be Closer

All my friends confide in their moms. They admit who they crush on and talk about friend fights. But I can’t talk to my mom because she’s really impatient.

Dear Wanna Be Closer,   

Not all mothers and daughters are confidantes, but it’s wonderful you want to get closer to your mom. Flatter her by saying there’s something you want to discuss – but only with her. Say something like “there are a few boys at school who are pretty cute.” Since your mom can be impatient, pick a time when she’s relaxed and not trying to do five things at once. If you add, “I’d love your opinion,” she’s bound to look up and listen. And if she ever seems chattier and warmer than usual, say “It’s fun talking like this,” so she knows you value her input. Nothing works? Confide in an aunt or friend’s mom or even the lady you babysit for.
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by Carol Weston | 2/1/2016