We Tried It: Ultra-Chill Music for Yoga

After a crazy-busy day, it can be tough to wind down and relax enough to get in the right mood for yoga. That’s why we were psyched to check out Putumayo’s latest CD, simply called “Yoga” ($12, While it might sound basic, these mellow jams help your mind click over to low-key mode for when you hit the mat.

We listened to Yoga while doing our regular sun salutations and tree poses. The CD def added a mellow vibe, while still feeling totally authentic (like something they’d play at a for real studio). The downside? The beats are pretty slow, so if you like to work through your postures quickly for a more cardio practice, this might not be your best musical pick. That said, I wouldn’t limit my “Yoga” listening solely for a meditative practice. It’s sweet background music for other quiet activities, like writing or studying. And don’t we all need to slow down for a sec anyway?


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016