32 fun things to do when it's freezing

Super cold and super bored? Here are 32 fantastically fun things to do when the temp hits freezing.

1. Build a bonfire in the snow—with parental supervision!—and roast marshmallows


2. Brew up some spicy Mexican hot chocolate


3. Grab your buds and hit the ice


4. No ice in sight? Lace up your rollerblades and host your own Stanley Cup in the driveway.


5. Grab your beach toys and make a snow castle


6. Take an inner tube to the top of the nearest hill


7. Host a snowflake-catching contest


8. Need a snow day? Bundle up and bring the boom box outside for an impromptu snow dance party. Better with friends!


9. Marathon your fave TV show, movie series or fave childhood author


10. Get in the kitchen and bake brownies for your neighbors. Then offer to shovel their driveways.


11. Fall backward into a big snow drift and make a gorge snow angel


12. Have a snowman-building contest with your best buds. Who can stack their balls the fastest? The highest? Best decorator?


13. Go swimming—indoors!


14. Sit by the fireplace sippin’ something frosty. We vote for fruit smoothies!


15. Get tropical with a luau party.


16. Knit a scarf and wear it out the next day


17. Play fetch with snowballs


18. Grab some quarters and hit up a local arcade.


19. Learn a new game—pool, backgammon, gin rummy…


20. Memorize 20 oddball three-letter Scrabble words and challenge your dad to a game.


21. Head to a local park and play hide-and-seek. It’s way harder to run in snow!


22. Learn a dance routine by heart. “Single Ladies,” anyone?


23. Go to your local historical society’s museum and see how many weird facts you can discover about your town


24. Hitch a ride to the mall with your BFFs for a scavenger hunt


25. Jazz up your jeans with patches ‘n’ bling


26. Make “team” t-shirts for you and your gang of besties


27. Start writing a totally cheesy epic romance. More fun with friends!


28. Bake a huge cookie cake and decorate with icing


29. Craft cute cards, just ‘cause


30. Maple syrup snow balls! Pour maple syrup over a cup of snow. Eat and repeat!


31. Build an igloo you can sit in. Seriously.


32. Challenge your crush to a snowball fight


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016