100 things that make us happy

From singin' in the rain to bustin' out Beyonce's dance moves, we've got 100 things that will turn your frown upside down. Glass half-empty? Fill that sucker up, sweetie. Research shows that optimistic people are happy people. So come on, girl, get happy!
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    1. Getting ready for dances with your besties. It’s almost as much fun as being there.
    2. Getting your braces off and flashing those new pearly whites to the world.
    >> 3. Wacky ice cream flavors, like strawberry basil.

    4. Making a friend on vacation and becoming pen pals. Hello, mail.

    5. Reading your favorite book for the millionth time.
    6. Singing the wrong words to that new song on the radio—we like our lyrics better anyway.
    7. Smiling at a cutie and having him smile right back.
    8. Finding the perfect gift for someone else. It’s just as fun as getting a prezzie yourself.
    9. Watching the snow fall, and then curling up inside with hot cocoa and a really good book.
    10. Walking down the hall to class and spontaneously busting out your fave dance move.
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    11. The first day back to school after summer break. Yeah, you moan and groan about it, but seeing everyone again is the best.
    12. Finding good thrift stores when you’re on vacay. No more cliché souvenirs.
    13. Seeing that magical word above a cute top: Sale!

    14. Going out after a movie and just splitting fries with your BFF. Jinx.

    15. Flipping on the TV and finding out a movie you heart is on. Perfect timing.
    16. That one really cozy sweater you wish you could wear every day.
    >> 17. Peep-toe shoes with perfect pedis poking out.
    18. When you take the brownies out at just the right time—not burned and not too soupy.
    19. Digging up that time capsule you buried when you were six.
    20. When your best friend knows exactly what you’re gonna say.
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    21. Someone dishing you a compliment on your fave outfit.
    22. Waking up, looking in the mirror and realizing your hair looks perfect.
    >> 23. Getting a good (and applicable) fortune from a fortune cookie.
    24. Finding out you got an A on a crazy-hard test.
    25. Embracing time spent with your crush. Yes, even the awkward moments.
    26. Mixing polka dots with stripes—it totally works if you work it.
    27. Watching Wizards of Waverly Place because Justin is sooo good lookin’.
    28. Finally perfecting that French braid or applying liquid eyeliner á la Taylor.
    29. Playing dress up. Who cares if you've got nowhere fancy to go?
    30. When your best friend listens to you ramble on about how cute your crush looks today.
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    31. Crazy rain storms in the summer…they’re wild to watch and totally cool ya off.
    32. Studying really hard and then acing the exam.
    33. Practicing model poses in the mirror—hey, it could happen.
    34. Birthdays: yours, your mom’s, your BFF’s. They’re all a total blast.
    >> 35. Watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s and instantly wanting to put on your dressiest frock and eat a danish.
    36. Hearing that Zac Efron is FINALLY SINGLE.
    37. Getting a friend request from that cute guy in your English class.
    38. Throwing your hands up in the air sometimes…and saying “ay-oh.”
    39. Snow days.
    40. Getting flowers—even if they’re from your mom.
  • banana.jpg
    41. Singing in the shower, especially when no one is home!
    42. How it can be surprisingly nice when your cell runs out of battery power. Peace and quiet, for once.
    >> 43. Rocking a seriously goofy Halloween costume, like the year you were a giant banana.
    44. How you still know the words to every Disney movie ever made.
    45.  Secretly making a wish when the clock’s on 11:11.
    46. Having a “me night” where you camp out on the couch watching rom coms, eating popcorn and enjoying your own company.
    47. Jumping in puddles. Don't forget the rain boots!
    48. Re-watching the movies you loved when you were little.
    49. Doing something sweet for someone when you’re having a bad day. It makes the gesture mean even more.
    50. Always being Daddy’s little girl…or Mom’s
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    51. Sitting inside on a rainy day and making a collage from old magazines.
    52. Showing up to gym class, looking at the track and deciding to give the timed mile your all.
    53. Being the leading lady of your own life—you were not made to play a supporting role.
    54. Having the courage to wear those crazy shoes no one else likes. Who cares if they’re wild?
    55. Water balloon fights during the summer and snowball fights during the winter.
    56. Standing up for the kid in your class who always gets made fun of.
    >> 57. Blasting music and singing into a hairbrush.
    58. Winning a prize from GL.
    59. Catching a perfect mid-air jump on camera.
    60. Catching lightning bugs on those warm summer nights.
  • camp.jpg
    61. Saving up enough money to finally buy that new bag.
    62. Being OK with spending time alone.
    63. When your lucky number shows up in a totally random place.
    64. Pushing the “Pull” door…bonus points if you do it twice.
    >> 65. Camp friends. You bonded in 63 seconds, only see them once a year, but they are the best.
    66. Landing that first babysitting gig. Cha-ching!
    67. When you get home from school and find out your mom made your favorite meal for dinner.
    68. When a bud sees something, thinks immediately of you and gets you a for-no-reason gift.
    69. Putting tons of ribbons in your hair and face paint on to go root on your school’s team in a big game.
    70. The first real day of spring. It’s suddenly hot and you can bust out the shorts without freezing your butt off.
  • dog.jpg
    71. When your BFF says something so funny you almost pee your pants.
    72. Sleeping in on Saturdays.
    73. When a friend says thanks…just for being you.
    74. Having a substitute teacher who lets you watch a movie or play a game in class.
    75. Two words: Summer. Break.
    76. Finding a pair of jeans that fits just right. May we suggest stocking up?
    77. Taco Tuesday. Whether it’s a school-lunch version, cooked at home or at a restaurant, no other meal tastes quite as good.
    78. Spending a day with just your mom. Whether you shop together or hit the museums, it’s always good to get some QT in.
    >> 79. Getting a big furry hug from your dog when you walk in the door.
    80. When you find super old pictures of your and your BFF. You two were thisclose, even when you were tiny.
  • picture.jpg
    >> 81. Posing for funny pics with your BFF right now.
    82. That feeling that overcomes you when you win a big game/meet/
    83. Boy bands. Catchy song + eye candy = delish!
    84. Hanging out with buds that you don’t have to “try” with. You can just be you and totally chill out.
    85. Singing along with those cheesy greeting-card songs (Easy A-style).
    86. Ordering a double scoop of ice cream. Go big or go home.
    87. Redoing your room. It may not happen often. But slapping up a new coat of paint or a fresh poster or two makes ya feel like a new gal.
    88. Anything vampire. TV shows, books or movies: we’re still hooked.
    89. Deciding once and for all that you are over him.
    90. Nailing the "Single Ladies" choreography. Look out, Beyonce.
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    91. Doing a mani by yourself… and managing not to smudge.
    92. Finding the new issue of GL in the mailbox. (Hey, we had to!)
    93. That moment when you know you two are going to kiss.
    94. How silky ‘n’ soft your locks feel after a haircut.
    >> 95. Cupcakes…somehow, they just taste better than regular cake.
    96. Blasting Taylor Swift’s “Our Song” (or whichever you heart) and pretending it perfectly describes your life.
    97. Finding $20 in the pocket of your winter coat. Score!
    98. Having the best dream and remembering it when you wake up.
    99. When that thing finally clicks. Whether it's the song you've been trying to play on your trumpet or a tricky dodge in field hockey, yay for practice making perfect.
    100. Being a girl. Sure, periods are annoying, boys can be totally lame and, ugh, frenemies. But it’s also as fun as it gets. Live it up!


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by GL | 2/1/2016