In the news: Shrinking junk food packages

Let’s face it: It’s pretty hard not to finish a bag of chips when they’re sitting right in front of you. So is the newest sneaky trick from food companies helping us out or is it just cheating us?
Food brands have been trying to mask rising prices in some of consumers favorite snacks by putting them in smaller and smaller packages. In short, your parents are paying the same amount for a bag of flour as they did a year ago, but now they’re getting up to a pound less. The companies market that new, smaller packaging is “greener” and more environmentally friendly, but really we’re just getting less at the same cost.
This doesn’t just go for baking needs. Junk food is no stranger to this tactic. Ever notice that there are less and less chips in that bag you got from the vending machine? Sometimes it seems that at this rate pretty soon you’ll be paying for a bag of air. But is it all bad? Not really!
Think about it: When you buy a bag of chips for 50 cents that has 30 chips in it, and when you buy the same thing at the same price, but with 20 chips inside, are you really missing out on anything more then loads of sodium and empty calories? Maybe having less junk food is a good thing. You may still be finishing a bag of cookies, but you still ate less cookies than before.
What do you think? Are food manufacturers cheating us, or is less food for the same price actually a good thing? Let us hear it, girlies!


by Bridget Runge | 2/1/2016