Sweet 'n' sour spring dance stories

Dresses are flyin’ off the racks, girls are teetering around on high heels, nail appointments are being made and thousands of cuties are snappin’ up corsages. In honor of spring dance season, we asked GL staffers to share their big night horror stories…and super sweet moments they’ll never forget.


“At my high school, the guys gave their dates bouquets of flowers instead of corsages.  My date got me the most gorgeous bouquet out of any of the other girls.  I still have it to this day.” – Karmen Fox, contributing writer and online editor


“I went to my senior prom with a guy I had been dating for a while, and I thought it would be totally perfect. We had a fun time together during the dance, but we got in a fight at the after-party. Unfortunately, the next day, we broke up. I thought it was a big deal then, but looking back, it clearly wasn't meant to be!” – Jessica D’Argenio, fashion and beauty assistant


“When I showed up to my friend’s house for pics the first year, everyone in the group had a date – except me!  I was worried it would be completely awkward, but it ended up being totally okay.  Most of them were just going as friends, so we were all able to hang together.  I even met some cool new people!” – Marie Hansen, contributing writer and moderator


“Two weeks before Junior Prom, I'd called up a friend of a friend asking him to be my date. Not only was he over a foot taller than me (def made the dancing awkward) but he spent the entire night yapping about his aspirations to be a pilot. My blind date was not so dreamy but, hey, the guy is in fact a pilot today!” – Patricia McNamara, associate editor


“My boyfriend at the time and I used to write poems to each other, Haikus actually. So the month before prom my boyfriend had written a haiku asking to go to prom with me and kept it in his pocket everyday waiting for the perfect time to slip it into mine. Finally after a week of being weirdly shy he asked me in person. I never saw the haiku, but I said yes anyway of course.” – Jillian Zacchia, contributing writer


“When my pack of pals decided to couple up for senior prom, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have a BGF and there wasn’t a cute (single) boy in sight. I ended up e-mailing my ex, who attended a different school…and he said yes! We spent the night catching up and having a blast. Four years later, we decided to give dating another try and we’ve been together ever since. And yes, those awkward prom pictures still make us chuckle.” – Brittany Taylor, online editorial assistant


“This is after prom, but I found out the guy I had spent the evening crushing on and dancing with didn't quite go that way, if you catch my drift. Bummer for me and all my other friends, who thought he was a cutie.” – Alyssa Bailey, contributing writer


by GL | 2/1/2016