5 better-than-nothing spring workouts

Some days, it’s tough to pull on your sports bra and lace up those sneaks. That’s why we’re doling out five easy activities to do when you just don’t feel like a major sweat sesh. 
Go fly a kite
Yep, untangle your old kite from its heap in the garage and watch that sucker fly. Turns out, the activity zaps stress and you’ll catch some serious fresh air.
Hit the bowling alley
As long as you pass by the pizza and soda, a couple hours at the lanes can burn a few hundred calories. 
Play Frisbee golf
Head over to a nearby park with a disc golf course to test out your skills. Aren’t near a proper course? Here’s how to DIY it:
Set up “holes” around your yard. Our hint? Use soccer cones or baseball gloves as the holes. Don’t dig up your Dad’s lawn! Then, decide how many “strokes” (aka, throws) it will take to get from the start of the hole to finish (you’re done when your disc lands on the hole). Then, start tossing.
Plant flowers (or, gulp, weed)
Why not get a little dirt-y? Pull on the gardening gloves and get yanking (or digging). Either way, your folks will appreciate the help and you’ll get a better workout than you think.
Practice tai chi
Some parks offer tai chi classes to passersby, which is super cool. Or, try the zen moves in your own living room by borrowing a DVD from the library or looking up vids on YouTube.


by GL | 2/1/2016