How much time should I spend with my BF?


I’m dating my first-ever BF. Should we be together 24/7? I’ve had friends dumped for being too clingy and others for not being clingy enough!

Dave: Basing your relationship on your BFF’s experience is like modeling it after some wacky reality show couple. Just not the smartest move. Every relationship is unique, so play it by ear and do what feels right. Pick up on signals from your guy to clue yourself in on when—and how much—he wants to hang. That’ll help you find the proper space/clinginess balance. 
Bill: Clingy is never a good thing when it comes to having a BF, so you definitely don’t want to go there. To figure out what’ll work for you, try not to overthink it. Let things evolve—hang out because it feels like the right thing to do, not because you feel like you have to. You want to bring the best part of you into the relationship, so be sure to get in plenty of “me” time, too.


by Bill and Dave | 2/1/2016