7 reasons going to prom with your girls totally rocks

Scoring a date to your school’s spring dance is awesome, true, but there is quite possibly nothing more fun than boogying the night away with your besties. We’ve got 10 reasons why heading to prom (or any dance, really) with your girls in tow totally rocks.

How do I look? Fab, of course. But the best part is that it’s totally up to you. The color of your dress doesn’t need to match his vest and the height of your heels doesn’t depend on his stature. Bring on the stilettos.

Silly pictures. Forget those cheesy prom poses. Funny faces, leaps into the air, your best dance moves—we’re capturing them all on camera.

Open dance card. Got your eye on a few good-looking guys? When the inevitable slow dances are played, you’re not limited to just one guy. Grab a dance with your BGF, your older bro, your cousin, your crush—whomever you want!

Inside jokes. You know that moment when someone says something totally normal, but you catch your bestie’s eye and can’t keep the giggles at bay? We live for those moments!

No awkward convo by the punch bowl. After comparing notes on discharge and period probs, you’re totally over the whole awkwardness thing.

Crazy dancing. Come on, were you really going to bust your totally out-there dance moves in front of a date? When you’re with your BFFs when your favorite song comes on, you can rock it 100 percent your way. Just be sure to clear some space!

Sleepovers. Ditching your date for your girlies once the chaperones flip on the lights isn’t exactly polite. But heading to the dance with your babes and saying buh-bye once the party’s over? Unheard of! Hope ya packed your sleeping bag, sweetie.

What do YOU think is the best reason to go to a spring dance with your sistahs?


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016