10 fab things to do now (or later)

Are you sitting at home bored out of your mind? Not for long! Here are 10 fresh ‘n’ fun activities to get you out of the house and doing something fabulous. Grab a friend or go solo. What are you waiting for?
Get on a bike and go for a ride.
Hit up a playground with your buds and see how quickly you can get across the monkey bars. Fastest one across wins!
Head to Rita’s or a local ice cream shop with a huge group of friends or fam and sample every flavor on the menu. Wanna keep it close to home? Host an ice cream social!
Make old-school friendship bracelets or anklets with your very best besties.
Hitch a ride to a nearby orchard or farm and pick some fresh fruit ‘n’ veggies.
Craft an inspiration board by cutting pictures and words out of your favorite magazines. Park it on a picnic blanket and get those creative juices flowing!
Learn how to surf at the beach or an indoor water park.
Go to the library with a friend and pick out books for each other.
Grab dad’s power tools and build something cool for your room, your garden or for Dad. Father’s Day is comin’ up, ya know.
Try a new sport. Grab a wiffle bat, a badminton racket or a Frisbee and get moving.
What are you doing this weekend, sweeties? Spill it!


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016