Post-breakup rebound: Why guys move on so fast

My BF just broke up with me yesterday, and he’s already met someone else. Why has he moved on so fast?
Dave: At least he got a good night’s sleep before dating again. Everyone deals with breakups differently. Some cry in their Cokes for months, while others jump into new relationships. Admittedly, 24 hours is brief, but it probably has nothing to do with you. Take his cue, and move on. That doesn’t mean you have to hitch up with the first guy who comes along, but nothing productive comes from dwelling on a done deal. 
Bill: Despite our bravado, guys can be a lot more insecure than girls. Chances are he wasn’t getting the kind of adoration from you that we guys love—so he picked the next item off the shelf as soon as he could. But quick picks often come from the bargain bin and don’t last.


by Bill and Dave | 2/1/2016