3 fun beachside workouts

Don’t just sit there soaking up the sun…do something! The beach is the perfect atmosphere for getting your sweat on. The best part? After you’re done you can dive right in. How cool.

Go for a jog. It might sound basic, but plain ole’ running on the beach is a superb workout. With the resistance from the uneven sand, you’ll tone your legs at a quicker pace than usual. 

Strike a pose. The rhythm of the ocean is oh-so-zen. Unfurl your towel and do a few downward-facing dogs or whatever poses you love.

Spike it. Yep, it’s time to get sporty. A serious game of beach volleyball will get you off your towel in a flash. Stir up some friendly competition and see who can serve it up the best.

Break out the water bottles, babe. This is gonna be intense!


by Kara Gelber | 2/1/2016