How can I get over graduation?

I graduated last year from my primary school and I still cry when I remember funny things my friends did or I hear our class song. Even though we’re all still close, I still miss my old school. How can I stop missing the way things were?

Hey girl, so sorry to hear about your situation. But don’t feel like you’re alone, so many other girls deal with the same problem after leaving not only elementary school, but also middle and high school. No matter what the situation, it’s always difficult to leave loved ones behind and move on. We’ve got some great ways not only to help you move forward, but also to maintain the relationship that you have with your old friends.

Stick together
There’s no reason you can’t keep old friendships alive as times passes. Try to create ways to keep close that aren’t related to your old school. Remember: That’s just where you guys met, not where your friendship has to stay. We love the idea of starting a cute chain letter through the mail—perf for keeping in touch over the summer—or planning Sunday-night Skype dates with your gang. Keep those inside jokes goin’ strong!

Enjoying the present
Until we get a time machine up ‘n’ working, there’s no way for you to step back into the past. And with all the fab things going on now, why would you want to? Sure, life was good last year and the year before, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone sour now. Do your best to focus on great goings on, like the new girl you chatted up in homeroom, the cheerleading camp you can’t wait to go to or the stellar report card you got this term.

Embrace change
Crying when you think of happy events is so not fun, right? It’s time to be content with what was…and to project that happiness and positivity into the future. Create a playlist of songs from the last school year and blast it on the last day of school this year. Start inviting your elementary school buds over for an annual end-of-school scrapbooking party so you can remember all wonderful things that happened not just the year you graduated, but every year since.

Remember, sweetie, change is a good thing. It’s OK to be sad, but don’t let your nostalgia get in the way of enjoying the present.

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by Chelsea Becker | 2/1/2016