14 ways to beat the heat

Searching for something cool to do? Look no further! When the weather’s muggy, the temps are soaring and you’re totally sweaty, we’re here to save the day. Refresh yourself and your summer routine with our 14 fabulously fun ways to beat the heat. You’re welcome!

Redecorate your room! Paint your walls a new, refreshing color and hang up all of your pics from this past school year.

Go to the library. It's always super cold there if you need a break from the scorching summer heat, and from books to movies to mags, there’s always tons to do.

Visit a museum. Just because school is out doesn't mean you can’t learn something new, right?

Break out old board games on a rainy day.

Make playdough. All you need is ½-cup of salt, ½-cup of water, 1 cup of flour, and food dye. Put down newspaper to protect the surface you're working on, then mix it all up in a big bowl. You can even add glitter to the mixture. It's non-toxic so you can gift it to your younger sibs and cousins.

Do some baking. Make tasty treats for friends and relatives!

Find a penpal with the help of a GL. Chatting with girls from different cultures is a great way to learn about a different culture.

Learn how to play a new instrument. It can be daunting at first, but don't get discouraged. Studies show that learning an instrument relieves stress over time.

Study a new language. Believe it or not, this can help you with standardized tests. The ability to recognize verb stems will be helpful to you as you continue with your education!

Look at your baby pictures to see how you've grown.

Grab your besties and head to the bowling alley. Strike!

Fill up some water balloons and have a water fight to cool down.

Go to the mall to window shop or grab smoothies in the food court. The air conditioner is usually on full blast!

Give your dog a bath outside. Who cares if he shakes suds all over you?

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by GL | 2/1/2016