End world hunger, one green thumb at a time

Three years ago, then third-grader Katie Stagliano brought home her first cabbage seedling. She dutifully weeded, watered and fertilized, and watched her baby cabbage grow into a 40-pound monster.
“I knew my cabbage was special,” she writes on her website, “and it needed to find a special home.” Together with her mother, Katie got in touch with local farmers and found out they could donate the cabbage to a soup kitchen.
It didn’t take long for Katie, now 12, to get her classmates in on her homegrown community service initiative. Her school donated a plot of land to the cause and they’ve been harvesting ever since. Now, she runs her own non-profit, Katie’s Krops, with the hope that her work will inspire others to fight hunger.
Want to get involved? All you need is a green thumb, a patch o’ land and some seedlings. Start small with friends and family, then branch out into the community, asking your neighbors, classmates, even your entire town to start growing. See if local nurseries will donate seeds or fertilizers, and phone up area soup kitchens too see what they need the most.
As Katie says, “It doesn’t take a huge garden. Just a pot on your front porch with one vegetable plant can make a difference.”


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016