10 dos and don'ts of school shopping

It’s fun to hit the mall, but back-to-school shopping can be overwhelming. Between the high prices (why is the top you want never on sale?) and confusing sizes, finding the perfect wardrobe isn’t always a cinch. That’s why we’re dishing on the new do’s and don’ts of hauling for the halls. You’ll never snag the wrong piece again.

Don’t go on a quest for the perfect outfit. Rather than splurging on a fab outfit that will only get you through one day (and your whole wallet), snatch up tops, accessories, or jeans that you’ll be able to wear time and time again...and that can be worn interchangeably.

Do spend a li’l extra clothes that fit you well. It’s not worth doling out all of your allowance on a fab new skirt just because it looks great on the rack. Pop down your well-earned cash on clothes that look great on your body and bring out your confidence.

Don’t shell out for heels.
Just because they look fabulous with your new jeans doesn’t mean heels are practical for wearing to school. In the long run, it will be way more beneficial for you to spend your savings on a fabulous new pair of flats or even wedges.

Do seek out prints. This trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. Tackle the hallways with bold prints that allow you to stand out in the crowd. It’s a new school year which means a new you, if you want of course.
Don’t splurge on an expensive (but teeny) bag. Designer, shmesigner. A small purse will get you nowhere once you’re toting all of your notebooks. It’s a way better idea to splurge on an oversized purse instead that can fit your lunch, cell phone, and even a few notebooks.
Do stock up on skincare products. A moisturizer with SPF, a gentle cleanser and a spot-treater will get you a lot further than a pricey red lipstick.

Don’t pass by the belts. You are definitely more likely to find your confidence with fitted clothing rather than a baggy old tee. But then again, pair the two together and you’ve got a look that’s both vintage and fabulous.
Do find cute gym clothes. PE is a lot more fun if you’re sporting clothes that make you feel fit ‘n’ fab.

Don’t stress on getting a whole new wardrobe. Keep wearing your favorite gladiators or sundresses until the weather cools off. Chances are that your school friends haven’t seen many of your summer outfits so rock them while you still can.

Do step into the store with an open mind. Some of the cutest things look terrible on the hanger. Take a chance and try on more clothes than normal...who knows what you’ll find!


by Kara Gelber | 2/1/2016