10 friends you need to make this year

Your besties are totally brill, but when it comes to calculator chaos, gym class and honors chem, it’s time to bring in some back up. Stretch those social butterfly wings, sweetie, and take flight this year with our best-ever tips for snagging the friends you need to ace this school year.


1. Your homeroom teacher

Your homeroom teach is the first person you see every day…and the first person to mark ya late if you’re 10 seconds tardy. Start the first day off right with a big, genuine smile and a “Hello! How are you?” then follow up with the same cheery attitude and a li’l small talk. Bonus? If you’re new to the school, she (or he) could totally help ya figure out where your classes are.


2. A sporty sistah

We’ve all been there: It’s dodgeball day in gym class and—oops!—you’re out again. It helps to have a friend (or five) to hang with, whether you’re at the top of the class or the bottom. And if you wanna improve your swing come softball season? Partner up with a pinch hitter and ask for some tips.


3. Your lab partner

Partnering up with your buds is a brilliant idea…for your next history project. But when it comes to science experiments, you really don’t wanna deal with a girlie you heart that can’t take the Bunsen burner heat. You don’t have to pick the class brainiac, but do partner up with someone reliable who is interested in doing the work well.


4. Your guidance counselor

A good relationship with your guidance counselor can work wonders. Whether you wanna switch out of your second period ceramics class or you’re lookin’ to get a head start on the whole college applications process, she (or he) is your go-to gal (er, gent).


5. The fab fashionista

Sick of donning the same old jeans-‘n’-tee combo every day? Sidle up to a stylish sweetie and invite her on a shopping trip. Her honest, no-holds-barred advice might be humbling at first, but by the time you’re picking out your homecoming dresses together, you’ll be grateful for a girl who will tell you what she really thinks.


6. A Hermione Granger look-alike

When you’re out sick before midterms, life can get tough if your friends aren’t diligent note-takers. Befriend a classmate in every period that you can rely on to lend you their notes if you miss a day or two. One more thing: Make sure you can read their handwriting, okay?


7. The BGF

Crushing is great and all, but nothing tops a guy you can chill with without all the pressure of impressing his socks off. Look for common interests and be sure to keep your flirtatious grins out of the equation. No mixed signals here, sistah!


8. A bus buddy

Break up boring mornings on the bus with a neighbor you can giggle with in the early a.m. hours. A friendly smile and a nice “Is this seat taken?” will position you perfectly for making an on-the-bus bestie. Bonus points for packing an extra granola bar in your bag. Everybody likes a sharer.


9. The tech whiz

You can call the A.V. club kid in your math class a geek all you want, but that’s not gonna help ya when your calculator goes on the fritz before a big test. Drop the stereotypes and be nice to everyone. You never know who’ll you need to ask for PowerPoint presentation pointers, ya know.


10. The chill chick

When your school days are loaded with drama, you’re gonna be yearnin’ for a babe who’s never phased by grapevine gossip. Follow her lead and bond over how totally cray-cray the rest of your posse can be.


Which bud can you not live without when you head back to school?


by Brittany Taylor and Mary Hojnoski | 2/1/2016