Happy Bastille Day! Celebrate with an "American in Paris" party

In honor of Bastille Day—July 14—we’re taking a mental vacay to the streets of pretty Paris…and letting a li’l Parisian flair color our next party. Whether you’re throwing a get-together today, planning a  big-time birthday bash for you or a bestie or gearin’ up for an end-of-summer shindig, here are a handful of sweet and sophisticated ideas, straight from the City of Light. De rien!
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    Pick: A French feel

    Before you head to the party store looking for décor ideas, sit down, look at some pictures of Paris for inspiration and come up with a concept that’ll come across to your guests. For springtime in Paris, a soft pastel palette is oh-so pretty. For a Bastille Day bash, think of the French flag and its colors: blue, white and red. For something terribly chic, go for monochromatic black and white. And for an over-the-top, girly-girl look, consider pink with rich accents or designs.


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    Think: Makeover

    Inside or out, small room or large, any space you have available will work for this party…you just need to be creative. We love what this party-planning guru did to this simple indoor/outdoor patio area. Disguise plain walls by hanging streamers or ribbons from ceiling to floor. Head to a local farmer’s market to pick up piles of fresh flowers on the cheap—or, ask guests to bring a bouquet of their favorite blooms instead of gifts.

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    Listen: La vie en rose

    Set the tone as soon as your guests walk in with songs straight from the streets of the City of Light. You don’t need to crank it up, just turn up the volume enough so strains of old-fashioned French music can be heard as you talk and laugh and munch your way through the day.


    Get started with this vintage French playlist from Spotify…

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    Sip: A little bubbly

    Leave champagne for the adults—we’ve got something even tastier. Pick up a few bottled of sparkling lemonade. Keep them cool in a vintage-looking ice bucket, and ask Mom if you can borrow her good champagne glasses for the occasion. Getting a no on that one? Instead, head to a party store and grab a set of good-looking fakes. Might be pricier than the bottom-dollar versions, but you can wash and reuse for other parties, too.


    Shop ‘til ya drop: Anders-Ruff has tons of coordinating printable décor ideas for your party.

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    Bite: Adorable desserts

    The French are known for their food, so instead of offering just one choice for everyone, consider going with a buffet. For a main course, think baguettes and a spread of cured meats, cheeses and veggies. A good local bakery will have everything you need for dessert, like cream puffs, éclairs, croissants. Or, you can whip up your own treats. Try our rosewater cupcakes to start. We also love these crafty Eiffel Tower treats, made from wafer cookies and icing.



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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016