GL's ultimate first dance survival guide

You can see it all now: Streamers decking the walls, a DJ playing 1D and your crush in all his R-Patz perfection, asking you—you!—to dance. And then reality comes crashing back. It’s actually the day before the dance and you’re a nervous wreck, sweating everything from your not-so-comfy shoes to your not-so-smooth moves. Well, stop stressin’: We’re swooping in as your fairy godmother. 
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    Right on schedule!

    For a fairy tale fabulous evening, you can’t just wing it. Use GL’s ultimate dance planner and you’ll be on your way to major magic.


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    3 things to stop worrying about right now

    Q: I’m not a dancing queen. Am I gonna have any fun?

    A: Many schools offer up activities for students who aren’t so keen on cuttin’ a rug. Ask your Dance Committee if they have any alternatives planned. And if they don’t, volunteer to be in charge.


    Q: My buds are bailing. I’m dying to go, but I don’t wanna fly solo. What should I do?

    A: So your crew isn’t down with school dances? Their loss! Get to know another girls in your classes and extracurrics, and ask if it’d be OK if you hung with them for the night.


    Q: My big sis told me once you get to high school, you’re supposed to grind with guys. But I think that’s gross!

    A: A lot of older kids do grind at dances, so be prepared to see it happen, but that doesn’t mean you’ve gotta follow suit. Do what makes you feel comfy, and if a guy asks, simply tell him you’re gonna grab a glass of punch, but you’re totally up for the next dance…the next slow dance, that is.

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    Popping the Q

    You’ve had your eye on this cutie since the first day of school, and the big dance is just around the corner. Now’s your chance to make your move, but you wanna be sure that you’re not gonna make a fool of yourself. So figure out which approach is most natural for you by taking our brand-new quiz here.

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    Who, what, wear

    Freaking out about how to shop for spring’s biggest night? With GL’s style gurus by your side, it’s a cinch. Keep an eye on our Fashion channel for the prettiest dresses of the season, and remember your ABC’s…

    A is for ask

    Being overdressed or underdressed to an event like your spring dance can be nerve wracking…even if no one notices but you. Avoid the drama by talking to friends about what they’re planning on wearing, and upperclassmen about what girls typically rock at your school’s semis. Some expect full-length gowns, others, knee-length frocks, still others, jeans and dressy top. 


    B is for budget

    Set one beforehand, and don’t feel like you’ve gotta shell out major moolah to look amazing. Wearing a dress that’s already hanging in your closet is totally fine, and can be fun if you give it a fresh look with new or borrowed accessories.


    C is for confidence

    Whatever you do, go with an outfit you feel good in. A strapless dress you’re tugging at all night won’t let you have a blast on the dance floor with your crew, and while that plunging neckline might look killer, if you’re feeling self-conscious about your chest 24/7, you certainly won’t look your best.


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    5 ways not to fall on your face

    Be practical. Stilettos make your legs look miles long. But if you’re stumbling around in the store, pass ‘em up for a more reasonable pair.


    Avoid ouchies. Too tight? Wear socks to stretch ‘em out. Rubbing ya raw? Any drugstore should sell moleskin to pad your kicks. Place patches where you’re having probs for insta-relief.


    Get a grip. Stick a square of Duck Tape on the soles of your shoes, right beneath the balls of your feet.


    Stride right. If you’re gonna be boogying on slick cafeteria tile or your gym’s waxed wood floor, struttin’ your stuff down a carpeted hallway isn’t gonna help. Find a surface that mimics the dance floor and walk your feet off.


    Practice! And no, pacing around your room for a hot second doesn’t count. Slip ‘em on, turn up the tunes and get your groove on.

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    Dance, dance revolution

    Sweatin’ over subpar steps? You don’t have to be a pro to get your prance on. Mastering the basics is easy as a-one, and a-two, and a-one, two, three…


    Fast ‘n’ fancy-free. Listen to the music for a moment and find the beat. Then, step from side to side, or swing your hips to match the music. Add in your arms if you’re feelin’ it, and stop worrying—ya look great, girlie!


    Slow mo. Trust us, this one’s a cinch. Your hands go on his shoulders, his hands on your waist. He’ll spin ya in a slow circle—if he starts imitating a top, just tell him to simmer down—and all you have to do is step from side to side. Practice with a pal pre-dance to avoid squashing his toes.


    Oh, and one more thing. Forget about the crowd. Focus on your friends and how much fun you’re having—and let loose. But don’t lose control. Wavin’ your hands in their air like ya just don’t care is tonsa fun…’til your bestie gets a black eye.


    Want more smooth moves? Click here to watch our Glee stars and more pro dancers teach ya our favorite dances.


by GL | 2/1/2016