9 freakin' fantastic ways to celebrate Frankenstein Friday

We love us a little Halloween kitsch, which is why we’re thrilled that this Friday is the ultimate Friday—Frankenstein Friday! Grab the green eyeliner, ghoul friends, and get ready to have a blast. Halloween weekend, here we come!



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    Grab your girl friends and go to the movies to see Tim Burton’s remake of the Halloween flick Frankenweenie.

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    Head to a Halloween party with your bestie (or your boyfriend) dressed as Frankenstein and his monster. Frankenstein can wear a white lab coat…perhaps artfully splattered with (fake) blood. Crazy hair is a plus! The monster will need a big dose of green. Go all-out with face paint, or hint at the look with green eyeliner and shadow and perhaps a dusting of green powder over your cheekbones.

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    DIY your way to adorable nails with our Frankenstein mani how-to. Get it here.
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    Cuddle up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and settle in for a Frankenstein movie marathon. Start with the 1931 classic, move on to the LOL-worthy Young Frankenstein and then the original Frankenweenie.
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    Start reading the classic text by Mary Shelley. Penned when she was just 18 years old, Frankenstein is a story that remains utterly fascinating nearly 200 years after its first publication. We love this Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition with it’s super cool cover.


    Frankenstein, $11,


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    Checked that off your list? Now it’s time to dive in to another classic series, this time through comics. In the 1940s, celebrated writer and illustrator Dick Briefer created the monstrous character of Frank N. Stein, based on Mary Shelley’s monster. The series that followed is thought to be the first true examples of horror comics.


    Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein, $16,
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    Make marshmallow munchies using the green guy as inspiration. The picture to the left uses candy melts for the green hue (get that tutorial HERE). But you can get the same look with way more chocolate (always a good thing in our book) by following our quick how to:


    1. Skewer your marshmallow.

    2. Dip it in melted chocolate.

    3. Immediately roll in green sprinkles to coat.

    4. Optional: Dip the head in chocolate sprinkles for hair

    5. Use icing to create a face and the necessary scars and bolts.

  • frank-8.jpg

    Get decked in Frankenstein apparel with a little help from the master crafters at Etsy. Even if you’re not into shelling out the dough, browse for some inspiration and then dig through your craft supply box to see what you can create.


    Frankenstein hair clip, $5,

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    If you’re on the East Coast, it’s time to buckle down in preparation for Frankenstorm! Along with TP and tonsa water, be sure to toss your favorite eats—healthy and not—into Mom’s grocery cart. A few candles in funky colors (um, green, purple, orange and black, natch) wouldn’t go amiss, either.


    Harvest Pumpkin Scented Candle, $13,

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016